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Difficulties Installing Windows 10 on NUC10I5FNH


I am having a terrible time installing Windows 10 (64-bit edition) from a DVD onto my recently purchased NUC10I5FNH with 32 GB of Crucial RAM (2, 16 GB SODIMMs) and a 512 GB Samsung 970 Pro SSD.


I boot from the Windows 10 DVD and begin the install process until I see the dialog box with the big "Install Now" button which I click. At this point, a check list of install steps that the Windows 10 installer goes through is shown.


  1. Copying Windows files
  2. Getting files ready for installation
  3. Installing features
  4. Installing updates
  5. Finishing up


Every step passes until the final stage, "Finishing up." At this point, a message box is shown that says, "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed."


From what I can gather, the SSD has been partitioned properly by the Windows installer and various Windows files have been copied to the partitions. What appears to have failed is copying over of the BCD information. Also, when I boot from the DVD and use the recovery tools to launch a Command Prompt, I can see that the Windows executable files are on X: drive but not on the C: drive.


I am fairly experienced with computers (software developer, have built computers since the MS-DOS days) and have successfully installed Windows 10 on a 7th generation NUC but this has really stumped me. Is there some not-so-obvious trick that I'm missing that's required to get Windows 10 to install on this latest generation of NUCs?

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Glad you have it working. But, it would have been so much easier with the USB stick and letting Windows Download create the media on the stick. No DVD, no rufus, no muss, no fuss.