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Display flashes when connected to the Protected UHD HDMI port on NUC7i7DNK1E


I've got a new NUC7i7DNK1E running Windows 10. The display connected to the Protected UHD HDMI port flashes at regular intervals. I've updated the BIOS, chipset drivers, and all other drivers with no effect. has anyone else run into this issue and found a resolution? Attached is a configuration report from the SSU utility. Any help greatly appreciated at the display flashing is maddening.

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Hello LostBoy211,


Thank you for contacting us; it will be more than a pleasure to assist you.


I can see that based on the report, all of your drivers are up to date, including the actual BIOS of your machine.


However there are certain devices/drivers in your report that captured our attention, such as the Trigger* 6 External Graphics and the Citrix* Display Only Adapter.


Can you tell us a little more about your setup?


Are you using any dongle or adapter? If yes, please provide us with the full part number of these accessories.


Are you running multiple screens or virtual displays? Please provide us with the screen's model and brand too.


Is your connection straight from the NUC to the screen through your HDMI cable?


I hope to hear from you soon.




Diego S.


Community Manager

Hello LostBoy211


We just wanted to double check if you still need further assistance.


Please do not hesitate on contacting us back.


Best Regards,


Diego S.