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Display via USB-C/thunderbolt not working


Hi all,


I recently bought a BNUC11TNKv70002 (K87766-404) and want to use it with two displays connected via USB-C/thunderbolt port on the back. The used displays are Lenovo P27h connected via daisy chaining.

But unfortunately they are not working properly. It appears that sometimes after a reboot I can see only the "For support visit..." screen, but mostly I can see nothing at all and on first installation (but not longer reproducible) it worked properly. Connected to the displays is a 8-port USB hub.

With HDMI one monitor is working, two not tested, since daisy chaining is not supported via HDMI. Mouse and keyboard which are still connected via USB-C are working.

According to "intel-driver-support-assistant" all drivers are up to date.
In BIOS I tried to select the two thunderbolts as first and primary for IGD.
The Graphics Command Center does not recognize the displays.
The displays work on other devices without any problem.

BIOS version is 0062.

Win11Pro version is 21H2 (10.0.22000).

Since I want to switch between notebooks and the NUC the connection via USB-C is the easiest way with only one cable to plug off/on and a connection via DisplayPort, HDMI or something else is no option.

Thank you in advance for help.

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Please detail (dongles, cables, etc.) how the first monitor is connected to the NUC and how the second monitor is connected to the first.



Thank you for your answer.

But since my post was marked as "spam" and it seemed to be not visible for somebody else I contacted the support directly in the meantime. But the troubleshooting was without solution until now and I decided to send the system back and not invest any more time in trying to find the solution.

Unfortunately it seems that I can ont delete this post, but it can be closed without solution.