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Does the Intel HD Graphics 5000 card support MPEG4 video streams? If not, can you push an updated driver to display this content?


I have been using a Intel NUC (D54250WYK1) as an Win7-64 HTPC to watch live TV for several years, but as Comcast has switched their premium channels (HBO, etc.) to MPEG4 streams, I now receive a black screen with audio only on these channels.


All of my other channels work well, so I believe it is an issue of MPEG4-compatibility with the onbard Intel HD Graphics 5000. These channels play fine on the other HTPCs in the house, so it is not an issue of the CableCard since each of these machines share tuners from the same device. To confirm, I have the most recent driver installed (x.x.x.4332).


Any help is greatly appreciated...

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Because the D54250WYK[H]/D34010WYK[H] NUCs have been discontinued, the validation of updated driver releases on these NUCs has also been discontinued. While it is true that the driver is the last release that was actually validated on these NUCs, this does not mean that newer releases will not work. You can download the latest release,, from here: I am running this release on a D54250WYKH NUC myself.


Now, whether this updated release will actually resolve your MPEG4 issue is another issue altogether. You will need to determine this yourself - and let us know.


Hope this helps,