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Does the NUC6CAYH have an automatic boot when power is applied option in the bios?


Hello, I want to use this as a way to communicating with a PLC and HMI at a remote site via a cellular modem. This way I can monitor them and make changes to their programs without being physically onsite. The problem is that they do have power outages. No one will be onsite to turn the unit on. I need to be able to have it power up when the power is applied, skip the windows login screen and go directly into windows. Thanks .... Mike


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Hi Mike,

  1. Enter bios settings - press F2 during boot.
  2. In Bios Advanced > Power > Secondary Power Settings > After Power Failure set to Power On.
  3. Press F10 confirmed by "Y", to save this settings and exit from Bios.





Awesome ... thanks so much! I have never used a mini pc before but I feel (hope) this is a good application for one. I am not planning to put a keyboard or monitor onto it. I just want to "dial in", use the remote windows desktop function and upload or correct a program to the PLC or HMI (I will have these connected to the mini via usb cables).


This should allow me to make changes to the site without being at the site ( it is 800 miles away).


As I said, I was just worried about the computer restarting after a power failure.


Thanks again .... Mike


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