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Enter Key of USB Keyboard not working on DP45SG

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I have a "Microsoft Comfort Curve USB Keyboard 2000" hooked up to a back panel USB port of my DP45SG based rig. Occationally (i.e., on some boots - actually most boots) the "Enter" key would stop working, only to be possibly fixed by multiple reboots. Lately, the key appears to be permanently dead.

+ The problem is there on all rear panel ports

+ Strangely, if I re-attach the keyboard to any of the front panel USB ports the problem goes away.

+ The problem also goes away if I connect the keyboard to a simple 4-port external usb hub connected to a rear panel USB port.

Any suggestions for debug?

I have already tried removing all other USB devices and testing the keyboard - Still no relief.

Could this be an electrical issue on the USB links (either internal or external) caused by a rogue keyboard? I will try trying out another USB keyboard as soon as I get one. But note that the same keyboard works perfectly fine through front panel or a hub.



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Hi there,

It does seems strange that only the 'Enter' key' would not work.

In general it may seems to be a power issue. You could test test the system out of the pc casing and see if its the same just to make sure there are short circuits happening.

You could try to update the bios or re-update (re apply the update) just to check if it was not any micro code error in bios.

Bios download:

Try clearing the cmos, remove the battery and put it back after about 15 minutes.

Best thing is to test with a different usb keyboard and see the behaviour.

Hope this is will be useful to you.