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I am trying to set up my Intel NUC to control an Astrophotography telescope mount using EQMOD, Stellarium, and APT-Astro Photography Tool. The COM Port(s) on the three NUCs that I have are not recognized and this is what is displayed on the USB Serial Port (COM3) Properties screen - Events tab: Device FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6001+PA5UYQD1A\0000 requires further installation. I found driver updates and installed those but in the General tab this is shown: 

Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.

What needs to be done to fix this?

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Hello thechief,

Thank you for posting on the Intel️® communities. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with controlling an Astrophotography telescope using your Intel® NUC.

As the issue seems to be related to the Astrophotography telescope and not the Intel® NUC, I recommend contacting the telescope manufacturer first for further support.

Best regards, 

Jean O.  

Intel Customer Support Technician



The telescope, actually the Skywatcher HEQ5 PRO Equatorial Mount, is not the problem. The problem is with the computer not having a good COM port. I Googled "Device FTDIBUS\VID_0403+PID_6001+PA5UYQD1A\0000 requires further installation" and from the number of results it is obvious that my situation is not an isolated problem. One suggestion is to manually install the "Intel PROSet Wireless driver"; however, that package is described on the Intel site as drivers for Wi-Fi so I have not tried this. I do use the ​Intel® Driver & Support Assistant but that does not identify anything that corrects this FTDIBUS\VID issue. Since you are an "Intel Customer Support Technician" you should be acutely aware of this situation and also know who within Intel to contact for the answers if you do not know how to fix this COM port issue. 


Hope you can help with this.



Some additional information concerning this issue. I have three Intel NUCs. The last one I purchased just the other week was to be used just to control my Skywatcher mount. Of the three NUCs, they all do not recognize the COM port that is identified in the Device Manager window. I am still able to use the Remote Desktop Connection to control my telescope from the living room - my telescope is in the backyard and it is below freezing right now so I have found that it is better to sit in a warm living room rather than the sub-zero temperature in my backyard. The problem is that I can control my telescope mount with a seven-year old HP Envy laptop that immediately connects to the telescope via EQMOD and Ascom. A seven-year old HP laptop works just fine but three new Intel NUCs do not work but according to you this is a problem, not with the Intel NUCs, but with the Skywatcher mount.