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Fan is not increasing its rate as it should for the custom mode inside BIOS cooling settings

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Hi Folks,


I have recently updated the BIOS of my NUC8i3BEH from version 0078 to 0081, hoping it would solve following issue. Whatever custom mode I configurate inside BIOS for cooling it doesnt seem to work. The fan speed is not behaving differently.


Fan Control Mode: Custom

Primary Temperature Sensor: Processor

Fan off capability: off

Minimum Temperature: 65

Minimum Duty Cycle: 35

Duty Cycle Increment: 4


Second Temperature Sensor: Memory

Minimum Temperature: 60

Minimum Duty Cycle: 35

Duty Cycle Increment: 4


With this settings fan barely exceeds 4000 rpm according to HWInfo even with processor temperatures close to 90 °C. I use the cool mode instead and the fan goes over 4000rpm and CPU doesnt get that hot. But I would like even lower temperatures.


After Bios update (0081) , I loaded default settings and entered inside the BIOS again to change to custom mode. Am I doing something wrong?








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