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Final AMD graphcis driver for NUC8i7HVK is 20.4.1.

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Intel lists 20.2.2 as the final driver but this is not the case.

Drivers listed after 20.4.1 lo longer list rx vega m gh/gl.

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20.4.1 is not WHQL, while 20.2.2 is.



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AMD and Intel have decided that there will never be another one so 20.4.1 is the newest there will ever be.

If newer WHQl drivers would become available it might be worth waiting but that simply is not the case as AMD has officially stopped acknowledging the existence of the rx vega m gh/gl.

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"AMD and Intel have decided that there will never be another one so 20.4.1 is the newest there will ever be."


Provide a source for such a statement.  If you cannot back it up with an official source, then you know nothing.  If you did have such an official statement, then why be here, on a technical support forum?




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AMD has removed reference for the rx vega m gh/gl from the following 4 locations:

1. All post 20.4.1 drivers from AMD have removed reference to these devices.

2. AMD's automated tool to determine which drivers you need have removed references to these devices.

3. AMD's drivers if installed on a system with these devices will list current drivers as up to date no matter what version you have installed.

4. AMD's driver download page has removed reference to these devices.

FYI, AMD lists drivers for devices that lost support at Windows Vista so this is not a simple end of support, AMD has chosen to deny that these devices ever existed.

automated tool :
--run this on a NUC8i7HVK to see that it is not supported

product selection screen :
--browse graphics -> Radeon RX Vega series -> Radeon RX Vega series
--note that only the 64 and 56 are listed, the M variants have been delisted

current drivers :
--download and extract, search for reference to rx vega m gh/gl


Provide evidence that there will once again be driver updates for these devices from AMD and/or Intel.

All indications are that this graphics device is not only EOL, it has been expunged.

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You said  "AMD and Intel have decided that there will never be another one so 20.4.1 is the newest there will ever be."

Ok, you do not have a source for your statement.   I thought so.  No, you made the statement and now you cannot back it up. 

And, again, this is a tech support forum.  What do you hope to accomplish?  


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I hope to accomplish telling users that since Intel and AMD are no help that they can install 20.4.1 to get slightly newer drivers, literally the title of this thread.

Back to the other part. I posted 4 places where the device in question has been expunged. Do you refute this or ignore this? Its fine if you don't want to talk about this but don't pretend that there is anything indicating that development will be ongoing because that simply isn't true.

If I take you car but do not release an official statement, is your car stolen or not stolen?

The official statement is irrelevant here as the product has been delisted.

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You have made people aware of your opinion and of 20.4.1 (which I had to help you with understanding that it is not  WHQL).    All the rest of your discussion is drivel.

You obviously need more attention and pampering than can be provided here, in this tech support forum. 

I am no longer following this thread.


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Just to wrap this up....

insults, yes

refutation, no

You asked for evidence that support has been dropped, you got it, you ignored it and then moved on to insults. If that is how you conduct yourself in a professional setting I am not sure how you see yourself in the position to criticize anyone. 

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Ok, time to calm down (the pair of you).

What Al is saying is that there has been no official statement from Intel regarding the state of this solution. Until they do, what Al is saying is absolutely true and there is no point in arguing. What you are saying is nothing but your own personal opinion/speculation and the title of this conversation is an untrue statement.


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Why would there need to be an official statement when AMD has stopped acknowledging the existence of the product?

I have said it a few times and no one wants to actually address this. AMD has removed all reference to this product in their drivers and their documentation.

This isn't a pause where you can look up the rx vega m gh/gl and still get the last official drivers, you literally cannot even look up the rx vega m gh/gl anymore.

I mean, just look at the current situation: