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Graphics Crashing/stuttering while streaming and my solution

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This is NOT a question.

I just had my NUC7i5BNH replaced on warranty and installed it in place of the OLD NUC using the same cables and and setup.

I initially moved my OS to the new NUC by just moving the EVO 970PRO SSD and booting up running all updates etc.

Graphics were crashing or stuttering frequently while streaming from the Net, I tried different drivers to no avail


Then I did a clean install of windows just to make sure there was no leftovers from my old NUC , Still the same problem even with a bare bone installation.

Tried all driver again, no luck, my last graphics setup was to go back to Microsoft Generic, install igfx_win10_100.6912 and run windows update. Windows updated me to 6952.


STILL Crashing stutters and horizontal lines.

AS a last resort I swapped out my HDMI cable (that worked great with the OLD NUC) and be an behold all my streaming issues disappeared!!


It seems that HDMI is very finicky and a cable that works fine on one machine is no good on another, so make sure to test with another cable

I wasted hours trying to isolate the problem.


TV is 65" 4K and streaming HDR also works internet permitting(no problems playing HDR movies from disk).

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90% of issues are fixed by replacing the cable.



Hello DPers1,


Thank you very much for taking the time to share the fixes that helped you resolve the crashing or stuttering issues with the Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i5BNH.


Let's hope other community peers find this helpful. 


Best Regards,


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