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HDMI vs Displayport - Can the cable make a difference?


Can a cable make a difference? Yes it can!


Today I switched from using an HDMI cable to a usb c to Displayport cable. Amazingly, the two part Start Menu issue I have been reporting disappeared after the cable switch.


The problem:


A while back I asked why my Windows 10 Start Menu was opening in two parts. First, the top part of the Start Menu would appear followed by the lower half of the Start Menu.


This issue appears on two Intel Nuc's. Nuc8i7beh, Nuc7i7bnh.


You can view and read about this issue here:




  • Intel Nuc8i7beh
  • 32gb ram
  • 1tb PCIe NVMe ssd
  • Dell P2415Q 4k monitor
  • Dell KM717 Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard


HDMI cables tried:


Zeskit 3ft 8K HDMI Ultra HD High Speed 48Gbps Cable


SecureOmax HDMI (8k, 48Gbps)


AmazonBasics 4k HDMI cable


Again, much to my surprise this issue disappears when a usb c to displayport cable is used instead of an HDMI cable.

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Thank you for sharing this information.