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Hades Canyon NUC hard wire NIC Ethernet not working


My ethernet adapter is not connecting to the internet - this started happening after I updated the 1210 Gigabit Network Connection driver a while ago. Wireless connection works - wired connection does not.

I switch out cables and that didn't seem to make a difference. Not sure if it might be due to using windows 11 either.

I was thinking maybe just buy a new nic card if a replacement is available for a Hades Canyon.  Can anyone suggest what card to get.

I logged a support request to INTEL even though I am out of warranty - they were polite but really no help and never answered my question for a replacement network interface "card".


Other insights and suggestions welcome.

Hades Canyon Kit NUC8i7HVK

Windows 11

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Hello Kel108,

Thank you for posting in Intel Ethernet Communities. 

Since your query involves NUC, please be informed that this will be best answered by our NUC Support team. We will help you to move this post to the designated team for further assistance. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance from Ethernet support team.

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Crisselle C.

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I've been using hades canyon and also met your problem. Is your ethernet adapter disappeared from the system or it still can be found and just cannot connect to the internet? If you see no adapter in the device manager or the advance network setting, maybe you've got the same problem as me which unfortunately is a hardware issue that cannot be solved by software. I finally sent my hades canyon back to Intel, then they sent me a new unit back last time about one year ago. 


Actually there are no physically formed network adapters inside hades canyon, all the ICs and circuits of the ethernet block are soldered directly on the main PCB which cannot be modified by end users like you and me.


If you see no adapter in device manager now, I think you may go buying a USB to Ethernet adapter instead if you need a wired network.

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