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Heads up - 1080p @ 144 hz question on Amazon.

They question on Amazon about Intel NUC KY and 1080p at 144hz was surprising. Not for wanting a $400 GPU in $700 box with $500(?) CPU *and* mother board, etc.


Is 144hz refresh rate going mainstream?

Would love to talk about NUC, separate GPU, second tier storage unit for backups / rescue disks, and experimenter's board (like raspberry PI ) that stack like legos. Why? Two reasons.

1) Allow for part upgrades

2) Use the thunderbolt port for something.

3) Experimenters have helped drive both "early adopters" and new products. FACT: PCs originally came as kits from HeathKit or Sinclair ZX-81 (membrane keyboard still works)

4) Cheaper, er, fiduciarily advantageous, and faster for users to do the research and create prototypes than discuss them at a board meeting.

(closes eyes) Please let me know if this has already been done. If so, point me to where the parts are.



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Hello TechnoCaveman,

Thank you for joining the Intel® NUC community.

Could you please elaborate your inquiry? I am trying to get the right answers for you, but at this stage I am having issues understanding your questions regarding the Intel® NUC Kit.

Since you mentioned about Raspberry Pi platforms I would also like to share with you about our Intel® Galileo Boards, here you can get more information regarding this products; The Intel® Galileo Board | IoT | Intel® Software. And, if you are interested in getting more feedback about this boards try our support community which you can find here; /community/tech/galileo/content Intel® Galileo





Hi. Thank you for the reply. Having bought and reviewed the i7 NUC questions are sent my way which was passed to the board so you would know. Why? In my opinion it puts the NUC closer to main stream adoption and purchasing, not just us "early adopters"

The stacking part was my idea. IC chips in DIP package where swappable and mother boards had expansion slots.

Due to heating and size, 144hz 1080p graphics cards are almost half the size of the NUC, but have dropped to $150 to $200 dollar range. (Source: The best graphics cards for PC gaming | PCWorld )

Since no computer can be all things to all people, stacking looked like a good option that worked for the DEC-VAX and DEC-10, IBM mainframes (4381, 9370, 3090, etc) Based on the NUC form factor, a slot would be added on the bottom with a hinged "pop up" connector on the top. The top connector would go in the bottom of the unit on top. Gravity may help keep dust, Doritos and soda out of the bottom connector. The top connector flipping down may prevent the same dust/food issues and keep it from being snapped off.

The air gaps in between help with heat dissipation. The rubber feet on each module help dissipate vibration.

The connector holds thunder bolt optical and USB electrical connector for high speed data transfers to graphics cards, slower SATA hard drives, battery module, CPU expansion pack or even a digital / analog I/O experimenters board.

Amy, the Rasberry PI came to mind because of learning JAVA, UNIX and working with motor controllers and camera's. Yes hacking a PI box is fun, with lots of programs but its the connection to the outside world, the real world, that drove me and others to buy it. I remember the hay days of 79' to 85' when grocery stores sold PC parts catalog as thick as a New York phone book for people where putting their own computers together. Sometimes we even had to solder resistors and crystals onto the mother board. People still like to do that. Maker movement is strong.

Why not a gallilao board ? Market share. More articles and third party add ons for Raspberry pi. It may be me, but most programs / hacks are for the ARM chip used by PI and Amazon FireStick, etc. The quark has been around for over four years(?) but just do a google of quark and ARM to see the difference. I apologize if I have been mislead. Just one person providing their perspective and feedback.

Lastly about the NUC; from a cost / business model, why should a bit coin miner buy a great graphics card when they want power? Why should a gamer buy massive hard drive or memory system when they want graphics ? This way no one is locked into "one size fits all" a "Man in charge say this fit. This device for everyone comrade. Be happy" mentality. My niche is databases which are going to "in memory databases" "IMDB" (yea bad acronym choice) . RAM disks are still important. They are faster than best EMC type SSD drive RAID configuration with caching. For me, 64 to 128 Gb of memory for "at home personal use" is sensible. Some companies are pushing terabytes of on board memory.


Yes I love my NUC and look forward to peoples questions to see what they want next.

Please let me know what you think and if there is anything to clarify.



Hello /thread/111751 TechnoCaveman,

I work for Intel Customer Support and I really appreciate your feedback and recommendations for future generation NUCs. It is so nice to see people "loving" our products.

I am going to take your feedback and will send it out to the Product Marketing Team, that would be the first start to get recommendations properly addressed.


Ronny G



Thank you. Hope to be of some help or insight to make a better future.

Just let me know.