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How to access TPM 2.0 simulator/device using Java program(Library)


Hi Team,

I am very new to TPM ,

I learned some basic TPM fundamentals.

I have downloaded TPM simulator (tpm2-simulator-chrisccoulson)  in ubuntu as well as windows(Windows TPM Simulator) runs on port 2321 to test the TPM simulator i have installed tpm2-tools and entered command it gives dev/tpm*** not found.(Currently i dont have Device). 

Actual point is i want to connect TPM simulator/device using Java Library.  

  1. Is there any Java based library for TPM.
  2. How to accessing TPM 2.0 simulator/device and generate SRK, storing certificate in TPM using Java library.

I referred this link:

Thanks and regards

Anup Yalsangikar

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Hello Anupuy,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

After checking your post and understanding your concern I would strongly recommend that you submit your question on the Intel® Developer Zone.  


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I hope this helps.

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Esteban D.

Intel Technical Support Technician