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How to boot off Ubuntu on existing M.2


I recently upgraded my Intel NUC to a shiny brand new NUC10I7FNH and wanted to boot off an existing M.2 drive (Samsung EVO Plus 970 1TB) loaded with Ubuntu Linux 19.10 LTS.


However, I am not having much luck booting up.. after a few seconds the screen goes blank and the machine shuts itself down. I also tried booting up off a LiveUSB drive with the same outcome.


Before shutting down, the following message is displayed on the screen:

Error communicating to TPM chip

I have already disabled Intel Trust in BIOS settings.. Has anyone been able to boot Linux on NUC10?


Screenshot from 2020-01-27 13-39-45.png

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My general opinion is that, if you are moving to a new processor/chipset generation, you SHOULD NOT attempt to use O/S loads done on previous processor/chipset generations.


As for Ubuntu, you need to use a version that has support for the new processor/chipset generation.