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How to completely reset NVRAM?


I have a NUC8i7HVK, bought used from Amazon. When I attempt to install Ubuntu on this machine with a bootable USB, the F10 menu lists it as 'Mac OS X'. The F2's list of available boot options lists it as something like 'UEFI: Part 0 Install macOS Mojave'. I think the previous owner has done something with the EFI partition of the device.


I have tried to re-flash the BIOS, update the BIOS, reset the BIOS to factory settings, but none of that changed the above described behavior. Is there a way to completely reset the device to factory default settings? Clear all internal memory it might have like NVRAM? Please help me. Currently this device is just a brick.

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You need to boot into the UEFI Shell and then use the bcdedit command to clear the boot menu. Video showing how to do this is available here: There are other similar videos there as well.

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