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How to get pose data for own dataset ?


Hello, I would like to describe the work I am doing.

I need pose data for my own dataset (not KITTI dataset), when I run rs-data-collect tool it generates pose file but if I want it for my images how to work it, do we need to change something in code.

Could you please help me to find pose data for my own dataset .

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Only the T265 Tracking Camera model has pose support built in. Though pose support is not built in to the 400 Series depth cameras like it is for the T265 Tracking Camera, RealSense users have found workarounds to get pose with the 400 Series using OpenCV or with 'inference' in ROS.

A user who was using a robot arm for bin picking got pose with a D435 with an OpenCV SolvePnP algorithm.

The link below, meanwhile, has an approach to getting object pose with D435 and ROS.

If you have a T265, the link below has a sample program for getting pose.