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How to get rid of the gray box covering one-third of my screen?


About a month ago, my computer had suddenly-I hadn't dropped my laptop or anything-had gotten a opaque, gray box covering the whole left third of my screen and hasn't gone away since. I can still access folders under it by clicking at random, but otherwise I can't do anything with it. Iv'e been looking for ways to get a screen snip of it, but cannot access the task to do such. If anyone has any information regarding what I might be able to do to fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and let me know if you have any follow up questions!

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This forum is for Intel NUCs. Contact the manufacturer of your laptop for support.




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You may return to the last working configuration from Advanced Option Menu:


1.    Open Windows Settings Update & Security

2.    Click on Recovery.

3.    Click/tap on Restart now under Advanced startup. Your laptop should restart into Advanced Menu

4.    Click/tap on Troubleshoot.

5.    Click/tap on Advanced options.

6.    Click/tap on System Restore (use a restore point recorded on your PC to restore Windows to the working state).

7.    If prompted, click/tap on an administrator and follow the instruction on screen. Select the restore point form the list.

8.    After few Nexts, click Finish confirmed by Yes - the restore will start.

9.    Your PC will now restart and perform a System Restore. 

10. When the System Restore has completed successfully, click/tap on Restart.


Hope this helps