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How to install Stratodesk No Touch OS on an Intel NUC


My firm is trying to roll out Intel NUCs using Stratodesk No Touch OS. The plan is to boot into a Terminal Services session to access a Windows Server 2012 R2 desktop. So far we have been able to live boot from a USB thumb drive but that has not been 100% reliable. The thumb drives have failed possibly due to overheating. We are now looking to install the OS on the HDD or SSD. I've used the provided .msi file to install the OS but for some reason when I reboot the NUC I am returned to the Windows 10 OS. What I would like to know is if anybody has experience using Stratodesk with the Intel NUC, and if so how do you have it installed? I would also like to know if there are any settings in the BIOS that I need to adjust so that I can boot into an alternative OS.

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I did some more research and the answer is to first disable UEFI and Secure Boot within the BIOS and then install from the USB drive that would normally be used for live booting. There is an option to install from there.