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How to install Win10 IoT on a bare NUC

561 Views will sell turnkey NUCs complete with Win10-IoT for NUC generations as recent as 8 e.g., a NUC8i5BEK.


But, how can I install Win10-IoT on a bare NUC?


I found this link that lists some NUCs that are compatible with Win10-IoT, like a NUC7i5DNKE. It's interesting that generation 8 NUCs are not explicitly listed as Win10-IoT compatible.


I found this Microsoft IoT guide that describes how to build a Win10-IoT image, but I'd need BSPs for the NUC and I'm not sure where to get them. Anyway, I'd guess that pre-built images would be available for NUCs.


Any suggestions?

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If you purchase a NUC as a kit or a board, you are going to have to add memory and storage before you can install any software.


As for BSP files, I do not believe that Intel provides any. There is nothing about the 8th gen NUCs that would preclude their use (well, other than overkill).