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How to replace original HDD with OS embedded to SSD


NUC7i3BNH with HDD plus Optane, Windows10


Which are the steps to replace original HDD with OS pre-installed to new SSD. I knew, I have to disable Intel Optane, but Windows Image creation tool is giving me a copy image error.


Should I need to use an Intel tool?

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Do you have an optane module in the ssd slot? If not you could install the ssd with the hdd and boot into windows as normal.

Download the windows media creation tool and either burn the image to a USB stick with the software or choose to upgrade the device and install to the ssd then use the Intel driver package to install all the drivers.

Windows automatically will activate recognising the hardware ID of the nuc.

If you flash the image to USB you can then boot from that and install Windows to the ssd.

When you have it installed on the ssd, set it as the boot device in the bios and format the hdd.

It might work if you have Windows flashed to USB with the tool then remove the hdd install the ssd and boot from the USB stick and install. That way you have the hdd as a backup if it goes wrong.

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