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How to revert back to OLD intel UHD Graphics driver (NUC10i7FNB) bc of Lightroom issues

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Hi everyone,

once I updated via Inted Driver/Support Assistant to latest UHD Grpahics drivers I encountered severe issues when using LightroomClassic. As a matter of fact and after hundreds of hours on Adobe support I can avoid any issues when deninstalling/deactivating the UHD Graphics in the device manager (telling Lightroom to not use it does NOT help).


As the damm thing gets activated/installed again when rebooting next morning I want to revert to an earlier UHD driver version but was unable to find the right way to access any!

I was on and now reverted back to, which I did found somewhere and was releated to NUC11- and which did NOT fix the issue.

I know this is a bad sign but want to give it a chance and looking for old NUC10 UHS drivers now...

Any hint from this marvelous community?


Thanks in advance, Martin


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