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How to turn off power to speaker same time when my Intel NUC7i7BNKQ computer turns off?

Mr. Pearson, thank you very much for your reply with suggestion.

My speakers are powered from AC 120 wall outlet. I may take your advise to buy TanTan Smart Plug WiFi Wireless Mini Socket Outlet and use it conjunction with Air Fly mouse and Key pad remote controller unless someone knows some appropriately-crafted software, the NUC could tell the socket to drop power to the speakers so that I am able to use one key stroke instead of 2 key strokes on air Fly Remote controller to turn off the system.

While we are on this subject, if my speakers are powered by USB then I have to change the BIOS setting. The NUC7i7BNKG BIOS for USB setting indicates S4/S5 together. Is this means whatever I use on S4 also loose power if I set not to power S5?

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Correct; with USB unpowered, your choices for powering back on would be limited to the power button and Consumer IR.