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I'd like to get a support on Certificate of non-applicability or Parameter Sheet for BOXNUC7I5BNH. It is required for exporting goods from Japan (refer to the link below).

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I have forwarded your request to the forum management for assistance.




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Hi YOno01, The regulatory documentation that we have for our NUC family of products is available at the following URL: For Bean Canyon (Intel® NUC Kits NUC7i[x]BNK\H\B) the specific regulatory documenation is available here: And the only document that we currently have available that is specific for Japan is the following: I also checked on the two urls that you provided us with but I couldnt confirm if this certificacion that you are looking for is for "finished products" meaning a fully functional product, if that is the case the certification must be processed by the system integrator. I hope this helps, Ronny G
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