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I have 2 NUC6AYH. I just purchased them to save space, and love them; however my man started updating the system with the auto-installer. His monitor went black and we have no picture on the new monitor, and it remains in black screen.


After unplugging the units over night, I still have a NUC that gives a blue light that it is on, and a monitor hooked by HDMI cable that remains black screened. I have 2 week old samsungs monitors and switched them to see if it was the monitor; however, it did work on my NUC. Being retired IT, how can I get this update to uninstall if I can not see what I am doing? Anyone have any idea how I can fix this problem. I don't think i will ever use the intel auto installer again! That is how this happened, because my man doesn't download anything usually.

lol He has everything new and nothing is working! Please help

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