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Installing Win10 on NUC8i5BEK: doesn't install drivers for network controller


Hi! I just installed Windows 10 from thumb drive on a 8i5BEK, and it boots fine, but there's no wifi. There's just Bluetooth and Ethernet. Bluetooth works, I don't know about Ethernet yet. 

Looking at Device Manager, I see the yellow warning triangle by "Network Controller," and when I open it, it tells me "The drivers for this device are not installed." I can't update the driver, because I don't have wifi. 

When I click on "Scan for hardware changes," nothing happens. 

I've downloaded a lot of driver updates to thumb drive, but several of them won't install because they require a newer version of Windows 10. (My Windows thumb drive might be a year old.) I've tried to update Windows 10 manually the same way, but no luck. For one thing, I don't know which of the many dozens of updates I need to install. 

I'm just about to order a 25' Ethernet cable, but meanwhile, anybody have any thoughts for me? Is there a way to force Windows to install a network adapter? Thanks! 

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1. I suggest you to reinstall Windows using the following method:
2. Please prepare your installation media (you need 8GB – 32GB USB stick), using Microsoft Media Creation Tool. This will install version 2004.
3. Your bios should be set to default settings. Enter bios (press F2 during boot) and then press F9 (Y) to set defaults and F10 (Y) to save settings and exit.
4. With the installation media inserted into rear USB slot, power ON your NUC and repeatably press F10 to get Boot Menu.
5. In this menu, choose UEFI option of you Installation media.
6. Follow this tutorial to continue with installation.
7. In para. 8 you may enter Product Key from the Microsoft Distribution you bought or click on the I don't have a product key and Windows will be reactivated automatically, since it was activated on this computer.
8. Skip on para. 13 and continue in para. 14. Important, do not format drive where you want to install Windows, rather delete all existing partitions from this drive, till you see one unallocated space.
9. Press Next and continue with the installation.


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