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Intel BB NUC5i5RYH: Why does the sound turned off, if I turn of the TV?


Hello everybody!

I am owner of a Intel BB NUC5i5RYH.

Set up is: -Crucial CT102464BF160B 8GB DDR3-RAM

-Samsung MZ-75E250B/EU EVO 850 250GB

-Connected to a Denon AVR-X4100W via a HDMI mini to HDMI cable

-Sony 805b TV connected via HDMI cable to the monitor input of the AVR

-WIN 7

My problem is, that if I turn of my Sony Bravia, that the Sound/Music stops.

I just want to listen to radio or spotify with a turned off TV, to save energy..

If I turn on the TV again, the music is stocking and in spotify it is skipping (without no stop) to the forwarding song without playing these music title..(I do not know, whether this information is important)


What can I do, that I can listen to music with out having my TV on?

Thank you for your help.

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I tried also the Displayport.

Same problem -.-


Hello snackyss,

In this case what I would recommend is to install the driver that appears on the following link Intel® Download Center. It needs be installed by extracting the zip file and running the setup.exe file or by using the manual installation(through the Device Manager) method to install.

If the driver does not work could you please let us know what type(brand) of HDMI cables you're using, is it a high speed HDMI cable?

Can you check if you have the latest BIOS version and the latest graphics version, here are the links in case you don't have them, Intel® Download Center (3rd option), Intel® Download Center (2nd option). I would also recommend checking if you have the latest firmware version for your Denon AVR-X4100W installed.


Let me know your findings.