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Intel Display Audio ( speaker configuration on NUC7PJYH


Hello community,


I am a user of a newly installed NUC7PJYH with a Windows10 Pro 64 (1909), the updated BIOS (0054) and the driver package offered by Intel for this model and updated through WinUpdate.


I also have the HDMI problem. My LG TV sends the audio directly to a Yamaha HTR5640RDS AV receiver that detects 5.1 when Windows plays movies but does not detect 5.1 from my Steam games. In the audio icon on the desktop (bottom right), the 5.1 and 7.1 options appear in the right-click menu, but cannot be selected. They are like disabled. In the advanced sound menu/playback/configure, only the "stereo" option appears in the drop-down menu (where the rest of the options should also appear).




Have I forgotten to install something on the HDMI?

Do I also have to install the "HDMI firmware version 1.73 / 1.77"?


Thank you and congratulations for your work.



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Hello Verval


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

In order to understand better your environment could you please provide the following information?


  1. Please provide more details regarding the configuration you are trying to achieve and how exactly you are connecting the devices including video/audio ports and cable types. For instance, are you connecting the NUC to the TV through HDMI® and then the TV to the AV receiver?
  2. Please provide the LG TV model and part number:
  3. Did this configuration work before on another Intel® NUC or computer?
  4. Please provide a screenshot from Windows® Device Manager with the "Audio inputs and outputs" section expanded.
  5. We tried to search online regarding the "Yamaha HTR5640RDS AV receiver" but we couldn't find an official link from Yamaha with technical specifications, by any chance could you please share a link as a reference?


Also, please run the Intel® System Support Utility (Intel® SSU) and attach the report to this thread to gather more details about your system.


1- Download the Intel® SSU and save the application on your computer.


2- Open the application, check the "Everything" checkbox, and click "Scan" to see the system and device information. The Intel® SSU defaults to the "Summary View" on the output screen following the scan. Click the menu where it says "Summary" to change to "Detailed View".


3- To save your scan, click Next and click Save.


4- To attach a file, you must click the “Attach” option on the bottom left-hand corner of the response box.


Best regards,


Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello Andrew,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Here you have the hardware info and the SSU document. About your questions:


1. Yes: HDMI1 NUC output >> HDMI 2.0 cable >> LG TV input (passthrough) >> optical output >> Yamaha receiver (auto mode: DDL / DTS compatible) optical input.


2. TV: 

LG 55UM7000PLC

Serial N. 910MAVDXE095

WebOS ver. 4.7.1-50717

-HDMI input mode: bitstream

-Audio output mode: optical passthrough


3. I never had other NUC and I have no idea.


4. Here you have the "Device Manager" section (sorry, it's half Spanish. I'm a Spanish teacher). 😁





I work with the NUC generic driver. LG TV does not provide a driver and I think it is not necessary because in "passthrough” mode the TV does not process anything, and does not have to decode anything. I insist: the movies are decoded in the AV receiver without problems (through DDL/DTS protocol).


5. AV receiver: 

Yamaha HTR-5640 (link to owners manual)


I also have tried with "Realtek Digital Output" (optical cable directly to AV receiver) with the same results (it doesn't appear configurable multichannel option).

I tried all these tests always running the game in the background with the 5.1 settings active. The game's sound company is Miles Sound System RAD.


I think I need a driver that standardizes these multichannel formats to the standard DLL / DTS protocol. In this way, my receiver will understand the information and decode it correctly (in my opinion). Could be 'WASAPI' my solution?





Hallo Andrew,


A week has passed. Have you received my messages?


Thanks in advance,




Here you have the SSU file.

Community Manager

Hello Verval,


My apologies for the delay in getting back you, I work with Andrew and I told him that I was going to look into this report and I kind of "derailed" when reading different forums about this issue.

As I mentioned before, I read several forums and links about this very same issue on different systems and they all point out to software related issues.


You mentioned at the begging that your LG TV sends the audio directly to a Yamaha HTR5640RDS AV receiver that detects 5.1 when Windows plays movies but does not detect 5.1 from Steam* games. Can you confirm that you can play 5.1 audio movies and that this issue is only when playing Steam* movies? If that is the case my initial recommendation is that you contact Steam* for support on this issue. See the following URL for additional information:

The NUC7PJYH supports Intel* High Definition Audio via the HDMI supporting compress 7.1 digital audio, is there any way that you can confirm that 5.1 or 7.1 Audio works on any other way in your system?


One more thing, in your regular set up, do you see your AV receiver saying PCM 2.0 or stereo? What if you load your game in Steam with the AVR turned off and then turn you AVR on. Also, is this happening with all games?



Ronny G











Hello Ronny,

I have not received notification of your message in my email. I came back by chance and I saw your message. I have tried to answer you but due to the transfer of your website I could not do it. Thank you very much for answering and for your information.

When I play a movie through “Movies & TV” app my AV receiver says DDL 5.1 and all my 5.1 speaker icons in the receiver appear on the receiver screen. It’s the same with DTS movies (but it appears DTS logo). Through Steam, my AV receiver shows PCM 2.0 (only 2 speaker icons appears).

I tried with all Steam speakers setups (as you said). But there are games (like Half Life 2) that runs apart (like other app). Steam system only synchronise the user data.

I don't know of any way to play a movie through Steam. I only use it for games. I don't have any 5.1 Steam game that runs through Steam. The only one that offers 5.1 sound is Half Life 2 and the "Intel®High Definition Audio" driver doesn't respond with it either.

What can I do?

Thanks again.


Hi again Ronny,

I've tried more Steam games and the same thing happens. I've tried directly through Realtek Digital Output (optical) with no changes:

Half Life 2:


Left 4 Dead 2:


 Steam's Remote Play client configuration also is in 5.1 speakers mode.


The sound system setup shows the following:


 The only difference is the output source (Realtek Digital Output). The device info during my test was the same as with Intel Display Audio. No more than 2 channels (this is right because we are talking about digital encoding/decoding), but no more options about output encoding:


 It appears both Realtek D.O. and Intel Display drivers. I've heard about "DTS interactieve" codec or other ways to encode the digital output options, but I 've not found anything in the Microsoft Shop.


I've tried a last test:

I've played a movie through Movies&video app and I've checked the system sound settings during the playback. The AV receiver recognises immediately  DTS and DDL, but there were the same options in all settings. Also in the task bar:


 There are no relationship between these controls and DTS/DDL encoding. I know that Steam sends only PCM info. This is the reason why the AV receiver doesn't recognises this sound information. The only way to send multichannel info both in Realtek optical output and HDMI output is through DTS/DDL (or other compression) encoding. So I need a codec or encoding driver for it.


Let me know what you think.