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Intel HD Graphics purpose on Hades Canyon NUC


I just recently bought and setup a Hades Canyon (NUC8i7HVK) and I'm trying to mess around with the settings and stuff.


One of the areas I'm a bit confused is the dual video adapters, the Intel HD Graphics and the AMD Radeon Vega M. It's my understanding that all the video outputs are linked directly to the Radeon Vega GPU and because of this, the Intel HD Graphics is basically useless. AFAIK it can't even be used for the video decoding/encoding stuff. Is this true?


My question now, is there any purpose of leaving the Intel HD Graphics enabled in BIOS? Is there an actual scenario where that iGPU is doing something, anything? Should I just disable it from the BIOS entirely?


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AFAIK, it *is* used for video encoding/decoding and its driver is also involved in supporting DRM. You should keep it enabled and its driver installed.