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Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics 655 + Dell Display Manager = flickering


I have an Intel® NUC8i7BEH with Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics 655 on board. When running Dell Display Manager (DDM), the display flickers from time to time. If I quit DDM, the flicker is gone. If I run it again, the flicker comes right back. I consult Dell forum and people said it is more of a graphic driver problem: "Sounds like there could be a collision between HDCP and DDC/CI handshaking and if so it can only be fully resolved by an Intel driver update." I use the same Dell monitor with the same DDM on another PC with NVidia graphic card and it never has the flickering problem. Anybody have any suggestions? Or I have to wait for Intel's new driver to solve the problem? Thank you

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Just my opinion, but you haven't proven that the problem isn't in the Dell tool. Just because it happens to work with an NVIDIA card means nothing.
Without a smoking gun, the graphics driver team isn't going to do anything. Without Dell demonstrating this directly to Intel and in terms of their source code, the graphics driver isn't going to do anything (and rightly so). You don't wave your hands in the air and magic happens.
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The flickering is happening in most cases when there is a device and peripheral connected or detected. It can also be the same thing as the monitor trying to go to sleep and is pushed on again since it's working.
Just out of the box too many power options are already cramping up the computer. Power saver options are everywhere in the os, hardware, gateway and third party software. For this problem try to figure out the power saver options to be managed by the os for example. And the os only. Before you start to blame the drivers. Lastly before you blame the hardware.