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Intel NUC 6i7KYK1 - Thermal Trip - Troubleshooting Options?


Hello everyone,


I purchased an Intel NUC 6i7KYK1 roughly two years ago. Over the last month it has been shutting down and when rebooting gives me the "Thermal Trip" warning at boot.


I downloaded some CPU temperature monitoring software, and it is getting very hot very quickly, so I opened the case to watch it boot. It seems like the fan isn't spinning (And when it does, spins very slowly). I pulled the plug and replugged it in and have blown air/cleaned what I can see, but the fan still seems to be failing.


My question is, do I have any troubleshooting options here? I can't see an easy way to take the fan/heat sink off, and from what I have read the CPU cannot be removed. Are there guides for troubleshooting/replacing the fan for the NUC? I hate that all the components seem to be fine but a fan will cause the entire system to fail.





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I found this Intel webpage on fan replacement options for NUC6i7KYK:


The i7-6770K CPU is soldered on the NUC6i7KYK motherboard and cannot be removed, but the fan can be removed and replaced quite easily, following Intel's fan replacement instructions PDF.


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Yes, this document explains the process. Should you not want to wait for a replacement to be received from Intel, there are a number of place on the web where you can purchase replacement blowers for quite reasonable prices. In many cases, the blowers are even available through Amazon.


Hope this helps,