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Intel NUC 8 Docking Station


I'm curious if there's any Intel or 3rd party docking stations made specifically for the Intel NUC8I7HVK gaming computer? I'm looking for something like a laptop dock where the laptop physically clicks into the dock and provides power and all USB/Video/etc...


These are advertised as a gaming computer that can fit in your backpack. If a dock doesn't already exist, I think a large market is being missed. I'd love to have a dock at my computer desk, my TV console if I want to game and work. Only need one of these and carry it around for work, gaming, browsing/leisure. The Nintendo Switch does this well with their docking station, where you can game on your TV or pop it out and go mobile and they've been very successful with that design.


I have found USB C docks, but that still requires plugging in power and the USB cable. Not as easy as just popping it into a dock.

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That would require the NUC8i7HVK to have a specific socket made for a dock, which it does not.