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Intel NUC 8i7HVK no video

Own a NUC, installed windows and the support assistant. It updated, asked to restart and now it boots up but there is no video signal. Have tried new cables, have tried both HDMI and Display Port. Purchased both new cables and tested those as well. The light is solid blue. Not sure what else to add. Is there a hard reset feature like consoles? Thank you for your time.
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Try unplugging from A/C power for 10 minutes.

If that doesn't help, power on holding the power button down until the LED in the power button turns yellow. If it never turns yellow but does power off, then power off and start again, this time releasing after holding the button down for 3 full seconds. You should see the Power Button Menu appear within ~15 seconds.

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Hi @Soiledostrich 


 When Windows is stuck on black screen during update you may  try to boot in SAFE mode from Advance Option Menu. This menu you can reach after booting from Window Installation Media USB: 

  1.  Boot from your Windows 10 installation USB (you may click on F10 while you see the Intel NUC logo to get the Boot Menu)
  2.  Select your language preferences and click/tap on Next.
  3.  Click/tap on Repair your computer at the bottom.
  4.  Click/tap on Troubleshoot.
  5.  Click/tap on Advanced options.
  6. Click on Command Prompt
  7. In the Command Prompt write the following command: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal and press enter to execute this command
  8. Close the Command Prompt window by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the Command Prompt window.
  9.  Select Continue and sign in to Windows 
  10. While in Windows, press Windows key + r. Run msconfig
  11. Chose Boot tab and uncheck Safe boot.  Reboot your system. 

If the boot in SAFE mode will not help you may try to restore your Windows to the last working configuration. After performing steps 1 - 5 above:

      6. Click/tap on System Restore (use a restore point recorder on your PC to restore Windows).

      7. If prompted, click/tap on an administrator and follow the instruction on screen. Select the restore   point form the list.

      8. After few Nexts, click Finish confirmed by Yes - the restore will start. 

      9. Your PC will now restart and perform a System Restore.

     10. When the System Restore has completed successfully, click/tap on Restart.


Hope this will help




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