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Intel NUC M15 - LAPBC710 - Check FW Capsule Data BIOS UPDATE



Sorry, but i need your help. I can't update BIOS on my LAPBC710

I trying update BIOS to CTGL357.0071 and see this message: 

Check FW Capsule Data

Block Capsule Update by OEM FW Capsule Data

I updated Windows to lastest version and i tried both ways to do it: Express BIOS update and F7

Nothing helped me

Please help me to solve it

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This error message tells me that the BIOS has been customized by the value-add vendor that you purchased it from. You may have to talk to this vendor to continue.

I would point out that these are NOT the only ways to update the BIOS. You can also download and install via the BIOS Recovery process. See here for more information: Intel NUC BIOS Update and Recovery Instructions for Aptio V BIOS Core.

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I had the same issue and struggled with it simply because can't be bothered to provide some decent documentation.

They have this warning on the BIOS resource download page:


Very Important

  • You cannot update from a BIOS earlier than 0071 to a BIOS later than 0071. You must update to BIOS 0071 before updating to a later BIOS.


But good luck figuring on your own that  your current bios release version number is the second set of numerical characters in the BIOS Version string (ex: BCTGL357.0051.2020.1207.1547  in my case), it sounds&looks obvious when you know it but not so much when you just got a new machine and you trying to get it up to date for the first time.


So my solution was first to flash version 64 which was the oldest available one on Intel's page just to confirm that I can flash something at that point( you might want to skip to version 71 straight ahead) then to version I flashed to version 71 and ultimately to version 76 the latest available.


Be patient when flashing and keep in mind that bios features and display  layout can change(significantly)  between versions.

Hope this helps, I know  I'm three months late after the initial post but maybe someone else will  find this usefull.