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Intel NUC Model NUC6i5SYK, turn off at start after 20s Could it be the alim bloc ? Something else ? Where can I buy an official one ?




I have a Intel NUC Model NUC6i5SYK 


The nuc starts but turn off after 20s by it self. I am able to see the windows page and login so I don"t think it is memory neither than ssd.

I opened a case to support but they just said they don't provide any support for those anymore. 

I just want to know if it could come form the alim bloc or not ?

Where can I buy an Intel one ?


All the best, stay safe

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  1. Power ON your NUC and press F2 when you see the Intel NUC logo. You should boot into BIOS.
  2. While in BIOS, click on Advanced and then on Cooling tab.
  3. Monitor the cooling fan RPM and CPU temperatures.
  4. Click on F9, followed by "Y" and then on F10, followed by "Y". BIOS will set to default settings.