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Intel NUC NUC8I7HVK2 Hades Canyon i7-8809G optical Toslink for 5.1 Sound



how can i activate the toslink at the rear site? I will use it for 5.1 sond out wiht my sound system. To connect my sondsystem i bought this converter. The converter is working but the toslink is without an signals. What can i do?


Thank you very much...

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Hello CMusc,


There is really no need to do any special activation to get the TOSLINK to work other than having the drivers properly functioning. Here are the drivers by the way


A regular set up should work by just plugging in the cable and selecting the right output but I dont know the correct way to make this work by using a converter.

Remember that TOSLINK is Digital Stereo and most of the time is used in combination with and AVR, see the following guide for reference (this is not using a converter)


I hope this helps,

Ronny G

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