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Intel NUC Recovery BIOS fix interrupted Update. Here is a How to !! Any NUC Model

Works 100% i test it many Times. I think u can use this How to with any NUC Model. I do this with my 6i5syk Intel® NUC BIOS Recovery Update Instructions

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This 'solution' was thrown at me by Intel as well, a few weeks back.

Didn't work, or better said, my NUC was in a state that the BIOS couldn't be recovered so I couldn't even try the fix.

I didnt have video signal, the disk didn't spin up, the USB ports were dead.

I did have a solid blue front led, and I saw the Network adapter leds blinking, oh and there was a loud whirring sound coming from the fan.

The strange thing is that the NUC had committed suicide while I was away for a coupe of hours. Had to RMA it.

Writing this post from my 3rd NUC6i5SYH.

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