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Intel NUC Video and Power down issues


NUC 11 Panther Canyon i5 Model.  6 months old. Been running as main HTPC, Youtube, Streaming and NAS/HTPC management machine.  Connected via HDMI. Running Win 10 Pro.

Generally this machine is totally stable and I can switch off the Samsung TV it feeds for hours at a time, switch it back on and the video signal is present. 

Over last couple of days, I've returned to the TV and upon choosing the PC input I get the message of 'no signal'.  The NUC also appears completely unresponsive. The power button is illuminated a solid blue indicating it's in state 'S0' but nothing brings it back up. 

To recover it I have to hold down the power button for 10 to 12 seconds while it hard powers off. Then i restart it and all is well. 

If the TV remains on, with the NUC displaying an image / desktop / video etc then there appears no issues. We can watch movies for a whole day etc. As soon as the TV state changes i.e off  then within a matter of hours, the NUC is catatonic.


Also noticed today when updating bios, running memtest and drive tests that it is impossible to fully power it down from the windows power menu button. When i shutdown using Windows, the AV signal is cut but the unit remains powered on via the blue light on the power button. Nothing i can do will bring it back to life. The only way again is to hold down the power button for 12 secs and only then does it properly turn off.   Almost identical to the above. 

Have tried many settings in bios etc but nothing making a difference. Would appreciate some help as to where to start fault finding. 




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Similar issue here:


About half of the time the blue led power button light on the front of my NUC11PABi7 will stay on after receiving the shutdown command.  The machine is apparently frozen.  If I press the power button the machine will not turn on, nor will it turn off.




  • Click on the shut down menu in Windows 11.


  • Windows will begin the shut down procedure.  The screen goes black and the no signal message appears on my monitor.


  • About 50% of the time for no apparent reason, the blue light on the front of my NUC11PABi7 will stay on after receiving the shutdown command.  The blue light will remain on indefinitely.  (I have noted that the blue power button light will remain on for at least one hour after receiving the shutdown command.


  • Pushing the power button will not turn off the light nor will it turn on the Nuc.  The machine is apparently frozen.


  • The only way to turn off the blue light or to use the computer is to hold down the power button for about 30 seconds.  The system is essentially locked up.


The problem appears to be related to graphics drivers.  I did not have this issue with version 27 released back in July 2021.  So far I have had the problem with every driver in the 30 range.  If you do a search others have reported this issue on this forum.  Unfortunately, a resolution has not been posted.


Here is my system:



Bios 0042

Motherboard version: K90104-305

Western Digital Black 1tb SN850 NVME

64 gigabytes of ram - Kingston Fury Impact 2x32GB 3200mhz ddr4 cl20

Monitor: Dell 32 inch 4k monitor - Model Number: S3221qs

Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo - Model Number KM732W

Canon ImageClass Mfc632cdw printer - wireless

Windows 11 Pro

No peripherals attached.



Thanks Azdust. Pretty much identical to my issues except I also have the issue of my unit entering this ' phase' if left alone long enough / not sending a signal out the HDMI. 


Given the idea of the NUC was to be an HTPC for most of it's life  It's pretty much a useless desk ornament until i can fix this. 


So this was happening before you did a bios update ? Interesting, I thought maybe mine was acting up

after I did the update to .0043   Someone else said they didn't have problems until the graphics driver update.

Mine is brand new so I only ran for an hour getting it setup and did all the updates at once so I don't know what 

messed it up.  Bios or graphics driver ? The other person is still on .0042


I'll check what bios I upgraded to.  I only upgraded the BIOS as the 'hanging overnight' issues only started and a few things i read said to make sure your BIOS is uptodate.  It was only after that I also realised a normal shutdown through windows was putting it back into the ' lights are on but no-one is home' state. 


So might have found the / a solution for the random ' hibernation'....  I'm on Bios 42... I tried many settings but nothing would stop it hanging - randomly from 2 hours to 6 hours after the HDMI feed / TV was shutdown.   


Tired the cmd line interface to stop hibernation and initially thought it had fixed but after about 7 hours it hung.  Then i reset Bios to default using F9...Restarted the machine and then 'only' edited the advanced power settings in BIOS and unticked the following or their equivalents in the BIOS.  


PCIe ASPM support 

Native ACPI OS PCIe Support


So far been up and running for 29 hours with no hangups.  I can switch the TV between inputs and when i switch back to the NUC the desktop pops up.  


Will let you know how it goes. Hopefully this is it for now and helps others.


Thanks Gedc for the info. I'm going to check those settings. Whatever you do, don't upgrade you're Bios to .0043

They are in the testing phase right now on a new update. I imagine it will be out soon.


Here is what happened to mine with the Bios settings.

1. Unticked both PCIe ASPM support and Native ACPI OS PCIe Support      computer would not wake up from sleep.

2. Turned just PCIe ASPM support on left native off         computer would not wake up from sleep.

3. Turned just Native ACPI OS PCIe Support on left PCIe ASPM off     so far its waking up. Now I have to test shut down.


I was wrong 

Turned just Native ACPI OS PCIe Support on left PCIe ASPM off    The computer wasnt sleeping, just the monitor turned off.

The fan was still running and the hard drive flashing. Maybe it worked the first couple of times but now it's not.


We might be trying to solve different issues here


Did you also do the powercfg.exe /hibernate off  command through the shell window.


Type CMD into search box at bottom. Click on run as adminstrator then type in the above command. Then 'exit' once completed. It turns off hibernate - even though you have turned it off in windows power settings as well.


I'm doing everything i can so that mine just doesn't sleep - ever...Haven't tried to shut it down yet though


Yes they are different issues but probably a common thread. Mine is it wont shut down or sleep correctly. If it does sleep it wont wake up correctly. My power led flashes when its awake half the time and other strange events. So I'm going through all of the NUC11PAHixx
posts to see if there are any common threads between the issues. They say a new Bios is the testing phase so hopefully both of our issues will be fixed before too long. 


Yep. Gotcha.  I've just tried to keep mine awake forever until the New Bios comes through.  Amazing pieces of kit let down by software.


My old NUC - an i5 about 12 years old is still powering along in it's place. Just doesn't do 4k


There is one more thing you can try as far as sleep goes. It did not work for me but you get more control over power settings.

You can disable Modern Standy and put the Bios in Legacy Mode (the old s3 mode) you will get all of the settings back that you used to have before Modern Standby came along. It has fixed issues for others but it did not help me.

If you are interested I can help with that. You have to know how to get into safe mode and how to turn off bitlocker temporarily 

The rest is a simple cmd line. Takes about 5 minutes to do it all


I have experienced the same 'hanging overnight'  issues with my NUC11PAHi5 running BIOS 42 and graphics driver

I tried the BIOS options described above without success. In Windows 10 Power Options I have both the sleep and hibernation timouts set to never. The screen timeout is set to 10 minutes. From Windows event logs, the computer appears to crash some minutes after the screen timeout is triggered.

After reading
NUC 11 PAHi7 wont wake after sleep/display off - install latest driver? 

I uninstalled the graphics driver and rolled back to So far, since doing this, I have not experienced any 'hanging'.


thanks for the information. Will check the driver on mine as well

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I have been using the Iris Xe driver for the last two weeks.  Unfortunately, this version does not resolve the issue.


Thanks Azdust. Sorry to hear that. Since making the changes in the bios a couple of weeks back it has been on solid 24/7 no hanging - even when the tv it is outputting to is off.  I haven't tried to shut it down using the start menu commands but don't plan to / need to.  

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On July 1st I received a bios version 46 update notification.  Installation went fine.  Unfortunately, bios 46 did NOT FIX the issue of the Blue light remaining on after shutdown.  The only way to use the computer after this happens is to hold down the power button for 15 seconds. Doing this forces the system to shutdown completely.