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Intel NUC blocked screen with second drive




I've an Intel NUC8i7HNK from some weeks now.


On it :


  • 32GB (2x HyperX Impact HX424S14IB/16)
  • 512GB (1x Samsung SSD Interne 970 PRO)
  • 2x mini-DP > DP with Samsung U28E590D 4K monitor
  • 1x HDMI > HDMI with Samsung 32L31D HD Ready
  • Fix on VASA support


I install Windows 10 pro edition on it.


Today I want to install more drive, to have a "Data" partition. So I install Kingston SSD A1000 ( SA1000M8/480G ). All works fine, I tune my installation (change Desktop/Documents/.. directories on it, etc..).


Everythings is ok. But when I reboot, computer blocked on "Intel NUC" black page, without loading. If I do CTRL+ALT+SUPPR, it reboot computer with same process.


If I remove this SSD, everythings works. If I remount SSD & reboot, everythings works. But if I reboot 5 minutes later, screen blocked on "INTEL NUC". And need to remove SSD to have a proper boot.


When I remove this SSD, I noticed that it is extremely hot (I can hardly take it by the hand).


If I remounted, boot works. Reboot 5 minutes later = "INTEL NUC" black screen.




I see on help page that twice SSD was compatibles with computer..


Have I forgotten something ?

Do you have an idea how to process to have twice SSD worked ?


EDIT : On picture you can see inside my NUC


Kind regards,

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  1. Can you check if your Kingston SSD is not faulty? You may download Kingston SSD Manager:
  2. With Kingston SSD Manager you may update SSD firmware.





Apparently all is OK for this SSD & no update need




EDIT : Add paritionning of disksdisk_partition.png


After some test :


1) Red light don't blink. It stay fix when I've "black screen" (LED about disk activity)

red_led.png2) Here screen on wich I'm blocked (I can move mouse)fixed_screen.png

3) Here my BIOS settings (default, I change nothings,& update it some days ago)bios.png


If someone have idea..

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Just a thought: Have you verified that, within the BIOS Configuration, the Samsung drive entry is above (higher priority for boot) the entry for the Kingston drive?


Hope this helps,



Can't check now. I try to enable Fastboot (but not remember that's disable BIOS by pressing F2..).


I try many times to disable it by pressing 3 secondes power button + press F3, but I've following message showed on screen


The previous boot attempt failed.

Would you like to resto Fastboot on the next boot ? (Y/N)


But of course keyboard is disable. If I try reboot by double press pwer boutton, same message showed. Need to unplug/plug power cable to back to a normal boot..


Don't really know what to do. I try to reinstall bios with .msi file, but it say that I've already last version 😫


EDIT : I can access BIOS by this command shutdown /r /fw /t 0 But mouse/keyboard is disable so can't do anythings


Able to reset Fastboot by unplug power cable by 5 minutes, and redo power button 3 secondes + F3.


I try many things. And thinks (need more times/tests to valid this thinks) that VESA support overheat computer. If I plug only keyboard + mouse + two 4K screens, 1rst boot works, second boot failed (blocked on "black screen"). Unplug one 4K screen, boot works. Plug second 4k screen, sometimes works, sometimes not.


I laid the computer flat on my desk, everythinks works now. Need more times to validate that..


Is Intel support able to valid that VESA support can overheat Intel NUC8i7HNK when 2 SSD + 3 screens pluged ?


NB: On normal times I've keyboard + mouse + audio casque usb transmitor + USB3 Hub (with own power) + USB3 Drive 2To (with own power) + 2 DP 4k screens + 1 HDMI screen.


On some weeks I'll have four 4k screens connected (2 DP & 2 HDMI). Hope no bugs..


Hum... Computer continue to block on "INTEL NUC" startpage. If I unplug a 4k monitor, it can boot, and after boot I can plug 4k monitor.


Isn't real intel support here (not find number or mail..)? Really need to know why and how to avoid it because I buy 2 others 4k monitors and don't thinks that this NUC is a real solution for my works..


If anyone have idea :)