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Intel NUC freezes when receiving video from network cameras


Hi All,


I've got an issue with my Intel NUC in that when i'm streaming video (issue can be consistently reproduced with BlueIris as well as Sighthound) that it freezes and is non responsive on the network (i.e. ping or RDP), mouse / keyboard, or on the monitor.


Config as follows:

  • Mobo / Kit - BOXNUC7i7BNH
  • Memory - 2 * Crucial 16GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM (CT16G4SFD824A.C16FBD1)
  • Hard Drive - WD Blue 3D NAND Sata SSD M.2 (WDS500G2BOB-00YS70)
  • OS - Windows 10 Enterprise 1803
  • Drivers / BIOS - All latest via Intel Support tool
  • Video Drivers - Have both run the latest as per the Intel support tool as well as the dch_igcc_win64_25.20.100.6618
  • Anti-Virus - Built in Windows, with exceptions for the BlueIris Process as well as the folder


Steps to re-produce:

  • Issue can be consistently reproduced - simply start the video feeds / recording to disk and the issue will occur within about an hour
  • Issue occurs with a fresh re-install of Windows 10 immediately both prior to and after installing Windows updates


Troubelshooting performed / notes:

  • Have tried running with only 1 DIMM and swapped it with the other one - issue still occurs, noting that the memory is on the supported list with only the final revision number varying (
  • I have tried memory tests, but happy to do again
  • I have tried / run firmware updates for the HDD, but happy to do this again
  • I have tried network load tests, but happy to do this again
  • I have tried swapping software from Blue Iris <-> Sighthound, but the issue occurs
  • I have checked the event log and there isn't a corresponding log, or a bluescreen when it crashes - it just freezes
  • I'm happy to go back to Win 7 / have an ISO, but the ISO doesn't have USB 3 support, so i'd have to do some work to make it work


Really keen to get this working as its impacting my NVR capabilities

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Hello @KFerr2​ 

What is the reason that you are not updating your Windows to version 1809?





My Windows 10 Enterprise is configured with Semi-Annual Channel (Targetted) and that's on 1803 currently, but i'll force it upto 1809 if its needed.

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I really don't know if fact that you are using the old version of Windows 10 is causing the freezes. So, I can't encourage you to update your O.S. to version 1809. I've installed this version (1809), about six month ago. Many changes and improvements were introduced since October 2018.




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I would point out that changes in the final revision number can make all the difference in the world! It often means the difference between being compatible and being incompatible. Usually, differences at this level indicate the use of perhaps completely different DRAM chips. Now, I am not saying that this is the issue in this case, just that no claim of compatibility can necessarily be made if the last few digits are different.


I would also note that there have been reports of unexplained issues - system hangs, system resets, BSODs, etc. - that *have* been fixed by upgrading Windows 10 to 1809. As a result, I would say (even if Leon won't 😉) that It would be worth if for you to try upgrading one NUC to see if this helps with your problem. I also note that, once you do upgrade Windows to 1809, you should also try switching to the DCH graphics drivers as this is where Intel will be applying all future bug fixes and feature additions.


Hope this helps,



Hi all, upgraded to 1809 and the system promptly crashed after 10 minutes. I had already upgraded to the DCH drivers and they're also not making a difference as well.


I'd also note that in regards to the memory used, I've:

  • Tried running it with both memory cards as well as each individually
  • I've done multiple runs through it with Windows Memory Diagnostics with no problems observed


Any other suggestions?

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  1. Now is the time to download and to run Intel System Support Utility. Once you have the report, please attach it to your post.
  2. In addition please send a report generated by dxdiag (Windows key +R). In the opened Windows write dxdiag and press OK.
  3. The data from those reports, will give better picture on your system.
  4. Question: the system freeze occurs only while you are recording video on your SSD?