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Intel NUC10 Beeping Sound Every Minute

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Hello members,

I've recently acquired an Intel NUC10i5FNH mini PC. To it I've added RAM and Storage according to the compatible hardware list for this model, respectively CMSX16GX4M2A2400C16 and WDS500G3X0C.

OS I'm using is Windows 10 Pro Build 19042.

All drivers and BIOS are updated with the latest available versions.

I've noticed that the unit Beeps every minute, at the exact moment the cooler fan starts running for 30 seconds(or runs faster as it becomes noticeable), then stops.

During this time I'm only browsing the internet.

Any idea what this means? It is really annoying.



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You may have a defective unit. It's circuitry (and especially its capacitors) is not supposed to sing to you. If you can get it replaced through the storefront where you purchased it, notify intel directly and get an RMS setup.