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Intel NUC11 - 4 Display Support




I have two question about intel nuc BNUC11TNHi3


1. Site where I am going to buy nuc, the model: BNUC11TNHi30001, and when I am searching for detailed specifications on Intel site, the model is written BNUC11TNHi3  . Is it same?


2. I want to connect 4 monitors on intel nuc. Two upper monitors will be in normal way, but other two, will be rotated 180°. I want to ensure, that this nuc model will support 4 monitors and display rotation on two of them with 180°. 


Please check attached pictures

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1. NUC11TNHi3 is the model code. BNUC11TNHi30001 is the ordering code for Intel® NUC 11 Pro Kit NUC11TNHi3, US cord, single pack. See Ordering and spec information for NUC11TNHi3.

2. This NUC supports 4 monitors. You may connect two monitors to the HDMI port each and two other monitors to the DP Type C each. An other option (depends of the monitor capability is connect each pair in Daisy Chain connection and then ach pair to the DP Type C port. Please see the Multiple Display Configuration Options for Intel® NUC Kits NUC11TN. Display rotation on two of them with 180° you may do by means Monitor Display Manager (software which comes with the monitor) or Display Orientation function in the Windows Settings.










I have bought this Intel NUC.  Successfully connected 4 monitors. Upper to is flipped and working well. But now I have one problem.


I am trying to combine this 4 monitors to act like one. 


At first, I am combining upper ones (horizontal Combine) (please see picture), and everything is ok.

Then I am trying to combine 4 and 3, but without success (I thought, after this combinations, I will combine upper and  bottom one with vertical combine and it will be like one big display, but without success).


Maybe there is some software, which will combine these 4 monitors with one click or something like that?



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