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Intel NUC11 HDMI Audio Stutter when connected to Hisense Q8


Intel NUC11 HDMI Audio Stutter when connected to Hisense Q8

Audio drops/stutters/freezes for ~half a second intermittently.

No other HDMI source connected to my Hisense Q8 such as PS3/4/5, Xbox 360, Switch have this audio stutter. Only these N11 NUCs.

This occurs with both NUC11PAKi5 and a NUK11TNKi3 when connected to my Hisense Q8 via HDMI.

However, unlike the NUK11PAKi5, the NUK11TNKi3 has 2 HDMI ports - the audio stutter does NOT occur if I connect using HDMI2 on the TNKi3 NUC.
Also the audio stutter does NOT occur if I connect either PAKi5 or TNKi3 NUC, with either HDMI port (in case of the TNKi3) to my cheap Aldi (Brauhn) TV.

In conclusion, the audio stutter occurs when connecting the NUK11PAKi5 and NUK11TNKi3 (with HDMI1) to any HDMI port on the Hisense Q8.

Video of it happening:

I cannot record it locally on the NUC via a program like OBS as even if the stutters occur, the recording software will NOT record it. Meaning this is a HDMI chip/transmission/compliance/noise issue on the side of the NUC with these HDMI outputs (as stated no audio issue with any other HDMI device when connected to my Hisense Q8, the TNKi3 HDMI2 also works).

What I've tried with no affect:
Updated all drivers for NUC
Updated NUC BIOS
Updated software for Hisense Q8
Tested different audio bitrates and sampling rates in Windows audio settings
Tested all manner of audio combinations on my TV, including different HDMI options labelled as "Standard" and "Enhanced" (for 4k60, 10bit content sources). Always still occurs.
Tried bluetooth through TV, SPDIF passthrough, inbuilt TV speakers - always occurs
A mix of settings described here:
Tested Chrome and VLC audio sources
Tried disabling Audio DSP and HDMI CEC in NUC BIOS
Multiple different HDMI cables (from Switch, PS5)
Tried all 4 HDMI ports on Hisense Q8 TV

Other NUCs have a HDMI firmware update that reportedly fixed this issue as similarly reported here:

And here:

Will a HDMI firmware update be released for the NUC11 series that fixes this issue?


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Jektyll, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to this case, just to let you know, basically, you tried all the troubleshooting steps that we recommend for this type of scenario. 

At this point in order for us to do further research on this matter and provide the most accurate response to your inquiry "Will a HDMI firmware update be released for the NUC11 series that fixes this issue?", we just wanted to confirm a few details about your system:

When did you purchase the Intel® NUCs?

Were they working fine before with the Hisense Q8 monitor?

If that is the case, when did the issue start?

Did you make any recent hardware/software changes?

Does the problem happen at home or in the work environment?

Are you using adapters or converters to connect the Intel® NUCs to the Hisense Q8 monitor?

Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

Hi, I bought both the TNKi3 and PAKi5 in the past few weeks.

Since I bought them both have produced the audio skipping issue on my Hisense Q8 TV. Strangely the HDMI2 port on the TNKi3 does not.

I am not using any adapters or converters. And have tried several different HDMI cables.

The problem occurs with a base install of Windows 10 x64 Pro on both NUCs. No additional software.

The problem is occuring in a home environment.

I have purchased an active mini DP to HDMI cable as stated in those similar problem threads I linked and will report if bypassing the HDMI chip fixes the issue once I receive it.


Hi Jektyll, Thank you very much for providing that information.

"I have purchased an active mini DP to HDMI cable as stated in those similar problem threads I linked and will report if bypassing the HDMI chip fixes the issue once I receive it.", perfect, take your time doing those tests and then once you get the chance please let us know the results.

"Strangely the HDMI2 port on the TNKi3 does not.", yes, that is very strange, this problem could be related to a hardware issue with the Intel® NUCs themselves, even though the fact that it happens to both of them is also strange.

In the meantime, while we are waiting for your results, we will do further research on this matter to try to find out what might be the source of the problem and a possible fix for it. I will post any updates on this thread as soon as I get them.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Active Mini Display Port to HDMI cable has no audio issue. Would recommend to anyone else having this problem, but it sucks needing to pay another $50 bucks..


Plugging in a HDMI cable = audio skips, using the active adapter with the mini display port = no audio skips.

Community Manager

Hi @Jektyll 


Thank you very much for sharing your findings and more important: for sharing a workaround/solution for this issue so that other community members can benefit from it. 

I have been looking into your report but it is very difficult to troubleshoot when you can't replicate the issue, I don't have a display that generates this type of situation. I am going to report this up to the Product Team so that we are all aware of this possible "compatibility issue", I can't really promise anything as we don't know which side of the HDMI cable needs the adjustmests.


Thanks again,

Ronny G




Happy to help and provide any info I can.


I think the 2020 Hisense Q8 ( is a common TV so I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up before.. I am in Australia so there may be differences in the exact models, I don't know.


Like I said I can't record the stuttering using OBS or similar, so as far as the operating system level is concerned (GPU drivers?) the output is working correctly. That's why I think it's an issue that can be fixed with a firmware update to the HDMI transmitter IC.


This is the exact adapter I am using that solves the issue.


If I unplug this and plug in the same HDMI cable into the NUCs HDMI port, the stuttering starts again. Plug in the adapter and it goes away.


Noticed a graphics driver update today, updated and confirmed the same result. HDMI cable = audio stutters, Active MiniDP->HDMI adapter = all good.


I am having this exact same issue with a Hisense Q8 television and a  NUC11PAHI7. I have a plex server running on this NUC and I can use my shield to play the files on the NUC without any issue.


@Jektyll  Thank you for the suggestion of the mDP to HDMI dongle. I have ordered one and hope that it will fix the issue. Are you able to get 4k 60Hz HDR using the dongle?


@Ronny_G_Intel  & @Alberto_R_Intel These types of issues seem common to the Intel NUCs after looking on the community website. This thread below suggests that a driver or firmware update was able to solve a similar issue on an older versions of the NUC, can we get a fix for the 11th gen as well please?


Hi to all from Italy

Same problem for me.

Just bought an Intel NUC 11 Pro NUC11TNHi3 to replace an older 6th generation Nuc.

When connected to a Sony KDL-55W828B and a Yamaha rx-v477, the audio stops intermittently for a few seconds.

The problem is present both by connecting the TV directly to the Nuc and by passing through the Yamaha.

The old Nuc didn't have this problem.

I solved it temporarily by connecting to the Hdmi-2 input even if when I start windows (11) it sometimes detects "no audio device".

I think the solution is to update the HDMI firmware but, at the moment, it does not exist for version 11 of the Nuc.

Any suggestions?