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Intel NUC7i7BNH without HDR

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Hello everyone from the Intel community, Happy New Year.

After months, I come back here again to request assistance on a new problem encountered by a customer, for whom I provided a model NUC7i7BNH.

It uses the NUC connected to a very modern Samsung TV, standard 4K, using a hdmi 2.0 cable and everything is fine, except that the TV does not identify the video in HDR.

The cable connection connects the NUC to a receiver and from the receiver, another cable is connected to the TV.

If it connects the HDR-containing disc directly to the TV's USB port, it recognizes the HDR automatically, but when connecting using the NUC, the TV can not identify the same video as HDR.

Is it possible any tips on how to solve this problem?

Thanks for any info.

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Assuming win 10, you have to enable HDR in windows display settings