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Intel Nuc DN2820 Windows 7 to 10 upgrade timing issue with reboot and bios change.



A follow on from the support link


which both refer to upgrading a NUC to windows 10.

However there is a catch 22 in this and I would like to know if anyone has picked this up.

Firstly we can assume the latest Bios Firmware is installed.

In the Bios there is the option for Win7 and win 8/10 as instructed in article  Required BIOS Changes Before Operating System

But now the question come as to when dos one make this change in the bios.

WE need it set to Win7 (in the Bios) to start the Win10 upgrade running Win7. After the Upgrade has downloaded and the reboot process starts the system will hang unless the Bios is updated to Win 8/10 as er above linked instructions.

However on booting - because it was not a clean boot- Microsoft comes with an error and rolls back the upgrade as a 0xC1900101 - The installation failed on the FIRST_BOOT phase ..... and rolls back to win 7.

Does anyone have some experience with this and can share a tip to get this handover from Win7 to Win 8/10 in the bios and  booting into new OS?


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You can't just walk away and expect it to run. When it gets to the reboot point, you need to be there and ready to intercept the reboot and make this change in the BIOS configuration during this reboot.


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