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Intel Nuc with Ubuntu 20.04 randomly reboots




my NUC8i5BEH with Ubuntu 20.04 restarts randomly, frequency is about once per day.

dmesg | grep -i error


[ 2.038129] RAS: Correctable Errors collector initialized. [ 2.082714] BERT: Error records from previous boot: [ 2.082715] [Hardware Error]: event severity: fatal [ 2.082716] [Hardware Error]: Error 0, type: fatal [ 2.082717] [Hardware Error]: section type: unknown, 81212a96-09ed-4996-9471-8d729c8e69ed [ 2.082718] [Hardware Error]: section length: 0xc20 [ 2.082719] [Hardware Error]: 00000000: 00000001 00000000 00000000 01001003 ................ 

Any ideas what the cause is and how to fix it? Strange coincidence: the restarts started after an upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04.


Any help is highly appreciated. I already spent quite some time but couldn’t locate the issue or find a solution :(


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Hello BBisc1,


Thank you for posting your question on this Intel® Community.


Linux* versions are reported as compatible by Intel® NUC users. However, Intel hasn't validated these operating systems. We recommend that you use the latest kernel.


We also suggest that you contact your Linux* vendor and use their distribution resources for driver downloads and support.


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician