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Intel Smart Sound Issues with Dell Latitude 7420 + Dock + USB Headset


Having an Intel Smart Sound issue with a brand new Dell Latitude 7420. Everything works fine with the machine by itself and connecting a USB headset to the laptop. I then connected the machine to a dock/USB hub, which also works fine until I plug a headset into the USB hub and play sound through it. At that point all the USB devices plugged into the hub disconnect. Non headset ones do restart eventually, but the headset never does. Nor will the headset then work when connected to port on the laptop itself. Built in system sound will resume. I have tried several different model docks (and one USB hub) and all have the same issue.

I contacted Dell support and worked with them to try and resolve the issue. We narrowed it down to the Intel Smart Sound device under Sound, video, and game controllers. If I disable this device the USB headset and dock combination works fine. Have tried fully updating all drivers and laptop firmware. The tech did suggest rolling back to Smart Sound Driver or earlier, but I do not have those available. I did roll back to 6815 but had the same issue. Currently Intel Smart Sound Technology BUS 6/8/2022

Tried connecting computer to:
Dell D6000 #1
Dell D6000 #2
Dell WD19DC
Dell D3100
USB-C to USB hub

USB devices (mouse, keyboard, camera) work fine until the headset is plugged in and I play audio through it.

Headsets tried:
Logitech H390
Logitech USB Headset (Don’t see a model number on it)
Jabra Evolve 65
Sennheiser PC 8


Anyone know a way around this other than disabling Intel Smart Sound?

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