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Intel Support team, torturing me

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Intel support team have set a date for me & for a DHL carrier to collect my malfunctioned NUC , which is today ( July 23rd ) But the carrier hasn't showed up.

Intel Support team have not replied any my emails.


I really feel like i don't deserve this.

they still ignore me and say nothing to me via email.

They ( Intel Support team ) don't even contact me for a new collection date of my malfunctioned NUC.

They simply ignore me. they don't care...

My whole day is ruined.


I have done everything they have demanded me to do, and they couldn't even stand up to their word and collect my Intel NUC as they have promised me to.

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I am extremely angry with intel support team.

I have never encountered such disgraceful behavior before.

They absolutely ignore me.


R.Kede, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


First of all, we want to apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced during the Intel® warranty replacement process.


As you mentioned, I can see in our database that there is a case already created for you by your local Intel® support department. In there I can see that there is an email that was sent to you yesterday in the afternoon containing some details about the Intel® warranty replacement process.


So, please verify your inbox in order to find that email, and if you still have additional questions you can always reply back to it and they will further assist you with this scenario.



Alberto R.


Intel Customer Support Technician   

Under Contract to Intel Corporation

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I haven't received any email from customer support. Not even an apology.

I really don't want to repeat myself.

I don't know anything about my local Intel support depot & haven't got any email.

I have already lost 50 US dollars last week because of customer support demand for a specific memory module which has not fixed the problem at all. I have nothing to use it for.


Intel customer support team is unreliable.


Yesterday I gave my NUC to the shop which I bought it from.

They told me they wanna check it in their lab ( in the actual shop ).

If they'll offer me a new NUC by the end of next week, I'll go for it.

But if they offer me any other offer for any reason, I'll just leave it to them the way it is and let them be stuck with it. It's really doesn't worth the toll it's sucking off from me.