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IntelOneAPI 22.3 is experiencing cerfiticate issue while ingrating into vs 2017


1> install vs2017 15.9 and make sure desktop for c++ is checked

2> install w_BaseKit_p_2022.3.0.9573_offline.exe

after installation

vs is broken with warning as below:


Something went wrong with the install.

You can troubleshoot the package failures by:

1. Search for solutions using the search URL below for each package failure
2. Modify your selections for the affected workloads or components and then retry the installation
3. Remove the product from your machine and then install again

If the issue has already been reported on the Developer Community, you can find solutions or workarounds there. If the issue has not been reported, we encourage you to create a new issue so that other developers will be able to find solutions or workarounds. You can create a new issue from within the Visual Studio Installer in the upper-right hand corner using the "Provide feedback" button.


Package '323dd7b4-e732-4b4a-89af-7a3ae9ca5f8a,version=19.2' failed to install.
Search URL;PackageAction=Install;ReturnCode=0x80096004
Certificate is invalid: Intel.CommonToolsPkg.vsix
Impacted components
Common tools for Intel compiler projects (Component.323dd7b4-e732-4b4a-89af-7a3ae9ca5f8a,version=19.2)

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