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Intermittent Graphics crash, reboot required


We have a batch installed of NUC8i5BEK on a clients site that intermittently give random 'Graphic blocks' whilst in use. Win 10 pro (latest) only general Office products (nothing graphical) use.

Have updated all drivers, firmware and BIOS on a regular basis, have had 3 chassis exchanged under warranty to level 09, but even these still suffer problem. there is no time frame between problems and up to now of the batch of 8, 5 still have this problem. See sample picture it will not let me load up more ?

Is it a generation 8 fault only and does anybody else see or suffer this issue?

We have loaned client NUC5i3RYK (using same image) these have not crashed once

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Hello Davetc518,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

Thanks for the information provided. Due to the nature of the issue, troubleshooting steps will be very difficult. My only recommendation is to get in contact with us directly to discuss the warranty options.

Use the link based on your location:

- US, Canada: 

- Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 

- Asia-Pacific: 

- Latin America: 


Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician